Peggy Woods, Watercolor Artist

Peggy Woods grew up drawing, painting and exploring the beaches and woods of the west coast.  She spent hours in nature with her sketchbooks and paintbox, developing a deep connection to the natural world and teaching herself to observe and paint the things she loved.  She excelled at an early age and won numerous awards throughout her academic years.

Peggy channeled her art talents into a very successful career in illustration and graphic design for over 30 years.

Over the last decade, she has returned to her original love of watercolors, recently moving to Anacortes, WA, in order to build an art studio and live in the environment she loves to paint.

Peggy’s work has won numerous awards in national competitions.  2006 First Place Natural History Center, also President’s Award MT Watercolor Society, 2007 3rd Place MT Watercolor Society, 2009 Presidents Award Hockaday Museum, 2012 President’s Award MT Watercolor Society, 2013 Palouse Watercolor Society winner, also MT Watercolor Society winner.

She is a strong advocate for the natural environments she loves to paint, and has donated numerous paintings to national organizations to further their causes.

Her paintings are renowned for realism and detail, but her soulful connection to her subjects is what makes them come alive.

The play of light on water, whether glowing with strong contrast, or misty and soft, creates tranquil dramas that convey the poignancy of everyday coastal life.

Her quiet observation and remarkable touch with watercolors invite the observer to join her vision of celebrating this beautiful corner of the world.